The Faculty of Arts Focus Program Initiative. Targeted investment in areas of research excellence and impact.

Against the background of the Faculty’s overall research excellence, nine areas have been selected for increased investment in a multi-million dollar scheme. The nine Focus Programs are high performing in terms of research income, citations, esteem, and impact. They are centres of world leading research excellence. Focusing on areas of strength allows us to hire new talent and to grow research capacity and impact.


On the basis of data for research performance and impact, nine research programs have been defined across the faculty, which are receiving funding for talent enhancement and capacity building.

  • Deep Time Indigenous Ecologies

    The Deep Time Indigenous Ecologies program will merge research in the humanities and social and physical sciences with Indigenous knowledge systems, with a focus on Australia and Oceania.

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  • Culture, Media, Economy

    Organised around four themes – mediatisation and social change; media publics; cultural economy; cultures, identities, subjectivities – Culture, Media, Economy will have a strong policy and industry focus alongside its commitment to high level academic research.

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  • Gender, Peace & Security (GPS)

    The GPS Focus Program will generate new high impact knowledge that can influence national and international policy. It will bring women’s voices and gender perspectives into analyses of peace and security processes and conflict prevention.

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  • Belief, Value & Mind

    This Focus Program is an integrative exploration of how beliefs are formed, how values modulate decision-making based on those beliefs, and how these beliefs and values fit in with contemporary cognitive science.

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  • Gender & Family Violence: New Frameworks in Prevention

    The program aims to enhance women and children’s security by creating new knowledge about the risks of family violence and family violence homicides.

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  • The Body in the City, 1100-1800

    ‘The Body in the City, 1100-1800’ Focus Program aims to investigate the complex, diverse, and multi-layered realities and understandings of ‘the body’ in medieval and early modern societies.

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  • Population, Migration and Social Inclusion

    This program of research is concerned with the physical and social impact of population growth in Australia, with a specific focus on the short and long term consequences of increased immigration for social inclusion.

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  • Health and Biofutures

    This Focus Program engages with the scientific, technological and socio-political transformations of prospects for human health and the production of human life.

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  • Global Connections and Violence

    The Global Connections and Violence Focus Program aims to investigate the occurrence, documentation and memorialization of war and violence.

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Engagement is a main ambition of the Faculty of Arts. Engagement can take many forms. Partnerships can be formed in surprising ways. What we can deliver across many fields of research will impress. We are keen and prepared to form new collaborations.

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