Focus Programs:
Population, Migration and Social Inclusion

This Program of research is concerned with the physical and social impact of population growth in Australia, with a specific focus on the short and long term consequences of increased immigration for social inclusion. This Program comprises multiple and complimentary themes that will structure research collaborations and projects:

Theme 1: The spatial concentration of immigrant groups and consequences for the economic and social life of urban and regional communities.

Theme 2: Temporal changes in social relationships, attitudes and social actions in communities experiencing increases in diversity and/or immigrant concentration.

Theme 3: Negotiating settlement in Australia for new arrived immigrants.


Population, Migration and Social Inclusion website

Criminology / Sociology

School of Social Science

Key Staff

Dharmalingam Arunachalam, Helen Forbes-Mewett, Marie Segrave, Zlatko Skrbis, Jonathan Smith, Rebecca Wickes

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