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What forces shape our lives? What makes for rich and meaningful existence? How can we change things for the better? Researchers in the Faculty of Arts seek to answer these questions. We explore people, practices and cultures across time and place. We understand what is happening to us and to our society. We engage with communities, organisations, and industry, and deliver solutions tailored for cultural, social and professional contexts.

Global Research Themes

The Faculty of Arts organises research into three Global Research Themes, outlined here.
The Global Research Themes include researchers and projects from across all the Schools and Centres of the Faculty. The Themes capture our research Excellence. Within these themes we further identify nine Focus Programs.

Articles and book chapters

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts publish much of their research in international journals and books. Search the database below for any topic or author to find the research you’re interested in.

Database of publications


Engagement is a main ambition of the Faculty of Arts. Engagement can take many forms. Partnerships can be formed in surprising ways. What we can deliver across many fields of research will impress. We are keen and prepared to form new collaborations.

Ways to Engage

The Arts Research Business Development Office provides research and professional support for the Faculty’s academic staff.

Telephone:  +61 3 990 58547
Fax:  +61 3 990 51497
Email: arts-research-enquiries@monash.edu

Arts Research Business Development Office, 3rd Floor West, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus

For Staff: ARBDO Intranet

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