Qualitative research on contemporary attitudes and interventions

The key aim of this project was to examine Indonesians’ and Australians’ respective attitudes toward one another adopting a multi-method, structured two-part approach.

To achieve this Monash academics examined media discourse to understand current representations of Indonesia in Australia (and vice versa).  The existing English language version of a sophisticated linguistics word count software was used to analyse Australian newspapers in relation to their coverage of events relevant to the Australian-Indonesian relationship. Significantly, the project also involved the translation and adaption of the software dictionary with the Indonesian language.  This dictionary was piloted to analyse online media content of key Indonesian newspapers.  While further development of the Indonesian dictionary is required, the project has highlighted the potential of a unique tool that can be used for a wide range of research questions, including (but not limited to) ongoing examination of online media content.

Analysis of the data collected during field work in Australia and Indonesia resulted in a better understanding a range of cultural, demographic and psychosocial factors that contribute to Australians’ and Indonesians’ respective attitudes toward one another.

A key objective of the project was to contribute to the development of a research roadmap for better understanding of the Australia-Indonesia relationship and to build stronger relationships and cultural understandings.

Chief Investigators
Dr RoseAnne Misajon, Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc and Dr Howard Manns

Australia-Indonesia Centre

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